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The first GTA to be presented in 3D comes to iOS


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Grand Theft Auto 3, which originally came out on for PC and Playstation 2 ten years ago, is the first title in the series to come in 3D and now comes to Appstore looking better than ever.

The game is basically the same one that everyone has been enjoying for the past few years, with the same addictive gameplay, the same story and the same scope for hours and hours of fun. But it has now been fully adapted to the iOS touchscreen control system. This detail may not fully resonate with many players, so it is important to emphasize that it now handles exceptionally well.

The same pleasant surprise found in its control system is also present in the graphics which, believe it or not, look far better on the iPad than it ever was on the PS2. The game also comes with its original character dubbing and great soundtrack.

Whether you are looking for a gripping story, or simply want to roam around an open city like a madman, Grand Theft Auto 3 really delivers. So if you're looking for a game to test the limits of your iPhone or iPad to the full, and provide you with dozens of hours of entertainment in the process, do not hesitate to check this out.
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